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Strong Penis - Attain a Big Strong Penis with Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques

1. Enlarging your penis
  1. Enlarging your penis
1. Enlarging your penis

2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise
  2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise
2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise

3. Penis enlargement know-how
  3. Penis enlargement know-how
3. Penis enlargement know-how

4. Bigger...but how?
  4. Bigger...but how?
4. Bigger...but how?

5. The harder¸ the better
  5. The harder¸ the better
5. The harder¸ the better

6. Alex Oprescu recommends
  6. Alex Oprescu recommends
6. Alex Oprescu recommends

7. Women and sex
  7. Women and sex
7. Women and sex

8. Virginity vs. sexual activity
  8. Virginity vs. sexual activity
8. Virginity vs. sexual activity

9. What to do in bed?
  9. What to do in bed?
9. What to do in bed?

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4. Bigger...but how?
Do I need a bigger penis?

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Strong Penis - Attain a Big Strong Penis with Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques
“Do I need a bigger penis?”
That's what you need to ask yourself before you start any enlargement program.

To get an answer to that question you should start by measuring your penis .

You'll need a ruler... and an erection... O.K.

Now that you got them both stand up and hold the erect penis parallel to the floor (that's stretching it out in front of your body).

Now press the ruler to your pubic bone and measure from there to the tip of the penis.

Now you must measure the circumference of your penis.

  • You need a measuring tape.

  • Don't worry if you don't have a measuring tape. You can use a piece of string or a piece of cloth and a marker or a crayon to mark the dimension on the string.

  • Now measure the circumference of your penis while it's erect. Measure at mid-shaft.
Now you have to measure the flaccid dimensions. The flaccid penis expands and contracts so you should measure it a few times to get an idea of your range.

Measurement of the flaccid penis is done like it is done when it is erect. To measure the minimum it would be good to lye in bed on your back.

If you want to measure the size of your erect penis without having an erection (yes, it is possible!) you have to stand with your knees locked hold the penis behind the head and stretch it as far as possible.

Now put the ruler against you pubic bone and measure.

You can get a visual representation of the gains you have if you compare your penis with one object from around the house (deodorant container or toilet paper tube) for the erect length and for the flaccid length you can put your palm beneath your penis and try to remember about what proportion of your palm it fills.

Record the measurements and you're done.

Now let's check out the average lengths of the penis

SMALL less than 5 less than 4¾ less than 12.7 less than 12
AVERAGE 5 - 7 4¾ - 5½ 12.7 - 17.78 12 - 13.97
LARGE 7 - 9 5½ - 6½ 17.78 - 22.86 13.97 - 16.51
HUGE 9 and over 6½ and over 22.86 and over 16.51 and over

Did you ever stop to think about what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a big penis?

Everyone talks about the advantages of having a big penis .You already know that well endowed men have it easy. They don't have to worry about anything when they get undressed. They never hear “Are you in yet?”, they don't have to work twice as hard to please a woman.

Women are attracted to big penises, just like we are attracted to big breasts. They get more pleasure out of it. And I've never heard a woman say “Oh my God, last night was amazing. You know my lover has a very small dick and that's such a turn-on”.

No... no one wants a small penis. Why? Maybe it just makes you feel better knowing you have a big penis in your pants. It gives you the feeling of security and power. And that's what women want from their man.

It might seem strange to hear this, but there are men that don't like having a big penis.

As cool as having a big penis sounds there are some disadvantages to it. The average length of the vagina is about 4 inches (10 centimeters). Of course it can expand... but double its length... don't think it's possible.

So the vagina will only accommodate the first few inches .Anal and oral sex might also be a problem... also because the penis is too big.

You should also know that most women think 6 – 7 inches is big... while we think that's average...

Now if you decided you need a bigger penis you're only half way towards pleasing a woman. You know how they say “It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean”.

I don't fully agree with this statement. And I'm sure that most women don't. Wouldn't it be nice to have the big boat and the good motion together?

I think it would. And I think it's possible to have them. And if you keep reading the information on this site and apply it you'll have them both in 6 months time.

Of course, first you'll get a yacht and then it's off to the HMS Excellent or HMS Big and Talented.

So it's up to you to decide if you want a big penis... as I told you... you might have problems with it... but I think it's worth it.

You should decide how much bigger do you want your penis to be. I mean... if you have 9 inches... what's next... you want to wear it as a tie? So reasonable goals are very important. That way you will get the results you want and, if you want to get even bigger, you can set a new goal.


wayne t kawecki
can a small penis&girth fit into a pill from a drugstore when its erect? my does.

Alex's answer:

wow.. you should try go to circus...

send me special offers by email

Alex's answer:

The MWN Newsletter will provide all this each month, you can subscribe for free.

hi i living u.a.e dubai i want for big saiz madisan pls give mi sam contact nomber in dubai tanks

Alex's answer:

You can contact us using the contact form from this page

how to have a big penis????

Alex's answer:

Simply join this site and you will have what you are wanting.  Take care.

suhail naeem
i live in dubai,if i order any of your product can i get it in dubai confidentially.

Alex's answer:

Absolutely. Penile fitness is a membership website so you can access it anywhere in the world, 100% confidentially.

sir/mam plz suggest me some exercize for increas the size of my penis.m 20 years old .my penis size is three inches.plz help me .i had never done sex with girl still now.but i done sex many times with hand.

Alex's answer:

I think the penis exercise website has what you need. 

where can i see videos of these exercises.

Alex's answer:

You'll find all of the penis enlargement exercise videos HERE.


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