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Strong Penis - Attain a Big Strong Penis with Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques

1. Enlarging your penis
  1. Enlarging your penis
1. Enlarging your penis

2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise
  2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise
2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise

3. Penis enlargement know-how
  3. Penis enlargement know-how
3. Penis enlargement know-how

4. Bigger...but how?
  4. Bigger...but how?
4. Bigger...but how?

5. The harder¸ the better
  5. The harder¸ the better
5. The harder¸ the better

6. Alex Oprescu recommends
  6. Alex Oprescu recommends
6. Alex Oprescu recommends

7. Women and sex
  7. Women and sex
7. Women and sex

8. Virginity vs. sexual activity
  8. Virginity vs. sexual activity
8. Virginity vs. sexual activity

9. What to do in bed?
  9. What to do in bed?
9. What to do in bed?

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1. Enlarging your penis
Just about all there is to know about milking

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Strong Penis - Attain a Big Strong Penis with Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques
How often you milk is only up to you. It's your choice how many repetitions you do, how often you perform the milking sessions. Men have quite busy lives these days (...don't I know it) and fitting the sessions in the daily routine can be harsh.

So I'll tell you what I did: I started with a medium strength and i did about 200 or 300 strokes per day. So I did that for one week. The next week I did like... 300 to 500 repetitions per day at a medium to full strength. After the first two weeks I started doing around 500 repetitions per day.

But as I said , it's up to you how often you do it or how strong you do it. You can take one day breaks or don't milk 1 or 2 days per week. The important thing is to keep doing it.

Full erections
The milking must only be done while the penis is semi-erect! If you get a full erection stop. Just wait until the erection subsides or squeeze and hold the glans. If wet milking gives you erections try dry milking, it's less likely to arouse you. Oh... and try not to touch the glans and frenulum... they're kinda' sensitive are they...

Why are we talking about pain? There should be no pain. Now soreness... that's another matter. Milking sessions can leave your penis feeling a bit sore... not painful.

The closest to pain you can get is if you milk over the glans (head) instead of only milking the shaft. So try to only milk the shaft.

Swollen penis
That can happen if you are circumcised. The area around the scar can swell after several hundred strokes.

The area around the scar gets a donut effect from the liquid that accumulated there. However the swelling should pass in a few hours.

OK, that being said about milking I'm gonna' go on by telling you people why I think that this natural penis enlargement technique is the best you can find.

When I first thought about how I should write this section I wanted it to be like a nice table and graphics and lots of numbers and a ultra-super-professional description of the penis and how it works, followed by the descriptions of other enlargement methods, then their disadvantages, then go do other tables and graphics to show you a comparison of failure rates of all the methods... and I could go on, and on, aaand on...

Then I asked myself ”Would I read an entire web-page full of dry information and numbers???”

So I changed my mind... I will simply tell you people in a language everyone can understand and relate to, the story of milking and its huge advantages.

I don't think a single human male on this planet didn't think at least once in his life...” God damn it, I want a bigger penis! No...I NEED A BIGGER PENIS! I DESERVE a bigger penis... and by God I shall have one!” But most of the above mentioned males gave up their noble quest for THE BIG PENIS. Only a few chosen men went on with the quest. And using natural penis enlargement methods became the finders and keepers of The BIG PENIS.

The human male is a social being, and while socializing with his mates he tends to share intimate stuff (especially after a few beers) . But when he has something to brag about he does not need the beer... Now back to our insistent males who have discovered the mother of all secrets. They wanted to share the amazing discovery with their best friends. So they did. Now what did the friends found out? They remembered the creed . And now that they knew it was actually possible to get a big, not to mention healthy and strong penis, (and have fun while doing it – at least that's my opinion) they decided to embark on the same journey their friends took with such perfect results.

These people were lucky because they found out about the natural penis enlargement methods first. The unfortunate ones were deceived by the mirage of enlargement devices, pills or ,the least fortunate of all , by the most dangerous and fake myth of all – the penis enlargement surgery.

Hey... I could write an adventure book... cool

Now seriously guys... There are quite a few penis enlargement methods on the market. Only few of them works... trust me... I tried them all...

I was never “small”... in fact I was above the average (closer to BIG then to average). But I, like most men, never settle with what I've got. If something can be obtained , no matter how long it takes, I will obtain it!

So I told you I basically tried everything... the only thing I didn't do is penis enlargement surgery (DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER SURGERY!!! If the capital letters and my opinion didn't convince you please go to the Other ways of enlarging your penis page on this site and read the Surgical enlargement section.)

OK , now think about obtaining the perfect penis without spending money , having blades come close to it, hanging weights, swallowing pills, using penis enlargement patches, tying it to your waist or your leg, pumping it or other such methods.

I promise you you will get a BIG penis and the only thing that will come close to it “in the making” is your hand(or your partner's hand) and lubricants. Don't tell me that never happened to you before. And don't tell me you didn't like it...

The exercise I'm so tickled pink with is called...as I'm sure you already know...milking.

It is the only exercise i know that not only lengthens the penis but also adds to its circumference.

A 6 inch penis can become, with work and dedication, a 8 or 10 inch penis .It does not matter if you're young or old.

If you are circumcised or not. The exact same results are achieved. The length and girth gains are permanent. You can compare your penis to a muscle that has never been exercised (if you never tried milking...but if you are doing it...why are you here??? go milk!!!you know just as much as I do...).

You know that you have to work even with the muscles in your stomach, legs or arms to get them looking amazing and being in tip-top shape. It's the same deal with the penis. If you're patient and you try to work him with just as much dedication as you work your other muscles you'll be amazed of the results you'll get!

For example: if you exercise your penis for three months it will look better and it will be healthier . If you exercise for one year it will look perfect and it will be the personification of health.

Let me further explain : the first month of exercise will bring little or no growth. The second and third month will be the beginning of visible growth. If you continue exercising you will get results that will amaze you.

The growth is permanent and the increase in size is visible when the penis is flaccid and when it's erect and the glans (head) will also increase in size.

The milking can not hurt you (if you religiously respect the indications you receive) and it actually helps blood circulation to the penis.

Let's say you have a 4.5inch (11.5 cm.) penis when it's erect. After one year of regular exercising you can double that.

Now I want to introduce you to a medical term : “vasocongestion” . This term is used to describe the swelling of tissue due to increased vascular blood flow and a increase in local blood pressure. So now that you know what vasocongestion means you can find out that the exercise will enhance it locally ( in your penis) so your penis will get more blood flowing and thus become larger.

If you would only perform a stretching exercise while the penis is flaccid you would only get an increase in length. But if the exercise is performed while the penis is semi-erect you will obtain a big, strong, harmonious penis.

It would be good if the exercise is done in the bathroom ,in front of a mirror. The temperature in the room should be rather hot.

You must be naked, at least from the waist down.

Apply lubricant (do not use soap) on the flaccid penis, from the base toward the head. Be sure to keep the penis thoroughly lubricated during the whole process, if not the friction can cause burns or bruising of the flesh. Once you made sure the penis is properly lubricated use your thumb and forefinger to firmly stretch the penis downward and a little outward, alternating hands in a “milking“action. You should do this until the penis gets slightly swollen.

Now repeat the moves but a little more firmly and with a little more force. Milking should be a rhythmic motion, performed swiftly, using one hand and then the other.

Take it slow the first ten days , only perform approximately 100 repetitions. After a month or so you should feel comfortable with performing 200 or more repetitions.

After you have performed the exercise try grasping the base of the penis with one hand, protect you testicles with the other hand, and slap the penis gently up and down about 25 to 50 times. This will relax the muscles.

The first few days you may feel a little pelvic soreness but that should pass quite rapidly and you'll never have to experience it again...even if you milk vigorously.

Be sure not to perform the milking in a fully erect state. If you do that you could suffer vein damage. Only perform the exercise when the penis is half or three quarters erect or you won't see the results.

You will notice that the head of the penis is swollen and very red. That is normal and it happens because a large amount of blood is forced there...and that's your goal...so it's a good thing.

After performing the exercise your penis will appear to be longer and thicker and ,depending on how dedicated you are to milking, it will be huge...yepee!!!

The first month you should not apply too much pressure or force but after that time has passed your penis will be strong enough to stand being manipulated with a more powerful grip and being stretched stronger and with more vigor.

You might notice when you first start exercising that for about an hour after milking your erections won't be as hard as before. That is a temporary condition and it is caused by the fatigue of the erectile tissue.

You sex life will in no way get worse... IT WILL GET BETTER!!! Your erections will be harder and it will be easier for you to last longer. You will eventually notice your erection will last even after you'll ejaculate.

After you have reached the penis size you wanted I suggest you keep doing the exercises , at least once a week to keep you penis toned and in best shape.

I suggest you do the exercise once a day, five days a week. Taking a shower after exercising will help relax the muscles (and wash the lubricant).

I think it's the best way to obtain a bigger and healthier penis.


tanx 4d advice i will try it and i know its gona work tanx.

Alex's answer:

you're most welcome :)

Hi Alex!! Say, this is the first time that a man has dedicated his time and knowledge to penis enlargement and shares this with everyone. Hey Alex, THANKS VERY MUCH!! I myself have been very sexualy active since about 10 years and been having sex with girls off and on. I've been married now for the past 10 years and I must say I have begun o enjoy sex more during the last couple of years even better. My penis size is around close to six and I'd say I have a pretty handsome penis, though now it is slightly bent upwards and towards the right side after thousands of masturbations with my right hand. Just like everyone I too was very much interested in Penis Enlargement but of course the pills and patches seem to be so expensive so I never tried them. Also I thought they all a great big mythe only. But after I read your story I feel that I too should try your milking technique. I can send a couple of pictures of my penis when placcid and erect for your expert comments if that's o.k. with you. I too would like to share your fulfillment with other friends someday. Thanks again for all your advise and tips!! Have a GREAT DAY! Oh! by the way I too am a designer and also happen to love sex amd women! Best Regards, Mike
Misterious Way
i need someone to help me go through this exercises.

Alex's answer:

If you're still having problems after trying to follow the video instructions in the Penile Fitness member's area, please consider the consultation service for more detailed instructions.


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