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Strong Penis - Attain a Big Strong Penis with Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques

1. Enlarging your penis
  1. Enlarging your penis
1. Enlarging your penis

2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise
  2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise
2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise

3. Penis enlargement know-how
  3. Penis enlargement know-how
3. Penis enlargement know-how

4. Bigger...but how?
  4. Bigger...but how?
4. Bigger...but how?

5. The harder¸ the better
  5. The harder¸ the better
5. The harder¸ the better

6. Alex Oprescu recommends
  6. Alex Oprescu recommends
6. Alex Oprescu recommends

7. Women and sex
  7. Women and sex
7. Women and sex

8. Virginity vs. sexual activity
  8. Virginity vs. sexual activity
8. Virginity vs. sexual activity

9. What to do in bed?
  9. What to do in bed?
9. What to do in bed?

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2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise
Make it big (and STRONG)

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Strong Penis - Attain a Big Strong Penis with Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques
You know how good things only come after you put in a lot of work?

I think you agree with me when I say that a big penis is a good thing (I actually think a big penis is an amazing thing... and very useful too).

If you want a bigger penis you'll have to work for it. It will be like going to work (or not forgetting to bring the kids home from kindergarten) 5 days a week, and just like work (or unlike work/kids)... it will require your total dedication and commitment.

So if you're ready to commit to a 5 day/week workout program you'll notice an increase in the size of your penis in 2 to 4 weeks. If you feel comfortable with the program(an you can squeeze it in the 2 days left of the week) you will get an increase in length, girth and improve the quality of your erections.

Though it's uncommon to experience pain or discomfort, if you at any point feel any pain or discomfort try to take it slower. This shouldn't be transformed in a painful experience.

Let's begin!

Hold a towel or a piece of cloth under hot watter( be careful... it should be comfortably warm), wring out the excess watter , then wrap it around your penis and testicles. Hold it until it gets cold. Repeat 2 or three times. When you are done , your penis should feel warm and relaxed.

Before proceeding make sure you dry your penis thoroughly (to get a good grip for the exercises to come)

The exercise I'm about to present is called the Length eXtender . It involves the stretching of your penis. If you stetch your penis it's obvious that the erectile tissue in the penis will also stretch.

After performing the exercise a couple of times , you will notice an increase in length ,both in the flaccid and in the erect state.

This is an exercise that, in my opinion , should substitute the use of penis weights, as it is less dangerous (and, dare I say, much more pleasant).

Now let's begin.

You can either stand or sit on the edge of a chair or couch.

Your penis must be in its flaccid state to perform this exercise. Grip the head (glans) of the penis with on e hand. Grip firmly (and by “firmly” I don't mean squeezing 'till it hurts. I remind you you shouldn't feel any discomfort). Now put your other hand on the hand holding the head of your penis. You do that to insure a firm tight grip.

Now pull the penis in front of you(parallel to the floor). While pulling , you should apply enough force to feel a good stretch.

Hold the penis stretched in front of you 30 seconds.
Repeat this 10 times, and each time try to add a little more force to the pull . Do not pull so hard it hurts! Now relax and slap your penis to your legs between 75 and 100 times. This helps to get the blood flowing . Rest 60 seconds.

Pull the penis to your left. While pulling , you should apply enough force to feel a good stretch. Hold the penis stretched to your left 30 seconds.

Repeat this 10 times, and each time try to add a little more force to the pull . Do not pull so hard it hurts! Relax and slap your penis to your legs between 75 and 100 times. Rest 60 seconds. After the 1 minute break pull the penis to your right. While pulling , you should apply enough force to feel a good stretch.

Hold the penis stretched to your right 30 seconds.

Repeat this 10 times, and each time try to add a little more force to the pull.

Relax and slap your penis to your legs between 75 and 100 times. Rest 1 minute.

Now pull your penis up. While pulling, you should apply enough force to feel a good stretch. Hold the penis stretched up for 30 seconds.

Repeat this 10 times, and each time try to add a little more force to the pull.

Relax and slap your penis to your legs between 75 and 100 times. Rest 60 seconds.

Pull your penis down. While pulling, you should apply enough force to feel a good stretch. Hold the penis stretched down for 30 seconds.

Repeat this 10 times, and each time try to add a little more force to the pull.

Now slap your penis against your leg 75 to 100 times and you're almost done.

After you've done the afore-mentioned exercise continue by doing this:

Holding the glans of the penis as you did in the last exercise, rotate your penis to the left with a circular motion. Do the circular motion 30 times. Now rotate in the same fashion, but to the right. Repeat 30 times.

Alternate sides about 10 times (5 on the left side and 5 on the right side).

You just have to slap your penis to your legs 75-100 times and you're done!

You should notice an increase in size after 2 weeks but in 3 to 4 months it's gonna be really obvious you've gained length.

It' a good idea to write down measurements of your penis, when you begin and go on as long as you respect the workout program and do the exercises. Noticing the increase will give you an idea of how you've progressed and... it will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that you've grown quite a lot in a rather short amount of time.


hi im 18 yrs old and my penis is 2 inches long and a little under a inch wide and im worried . what should i do?

Alex's answer:

You should follow a penis enlargement program. Please visit PenileFitness.com and you will find answers to all your questions there.

My penis has a slight curve throughout the entire length. Is there anyway to work it back to straight?

Alex's answer:

Yes, of course. Just follow the Jelq for curved penises exercise.

My dick is 14' long. i dope a lot n stay drunk all day.. what should i do to reduce the size because my girl friend can not take all of it..

Alex's answer:

That's a strange question. :) Most of the people try to enalrge it and you want to reduce your penis. 14 inches it's an average size, I wouldn't advice to shrink it. What will you do if your next girlfriend will say that your penis it's to small?

so i've got a 5 1/2 inch penis but when i try this exercise i start to get hard and its hard to hold onto the head please write back

Alex's answer:

Visit PenisExercise.com and you will find the answer to all your questions. You have all the exercises well and detailed outlined there.

Hey Alex, I am 18 and really fat, I am 20 stone, I have a 47 inch waist and my belly reaches 54 inches, I have no problem getting girlfriends since I am a nice guy and apparently still quite decent looking. But, I feel my life is in need of a drastic change and I am starting with this...

My penis un-erect is a measly 2 inches, so I would very much like to fix that first, but, I will also be starting a diet to loose fat and gain muscle aswell, so I would like to know if this may effect this exercise in anyway?

I will also be starting Proffesional Wrestling training in 1 or 2 years, which involves alot of landing on my belly and ass, will that endanger growth?

Also since you wrote this plan I would like to know, do you use it? how long have you used it for? and what had your growth been in that time?

Since I am only reading one page of what seems to be a rather big and varried website, could you reffer a plan to me based on the information I have given you?

Final question? I am looking around and it seems like there is only one model posing for banners, ads, etc. is this you and if so could you reffer me to a diet/training plan so as I may get into as good of shape as you?


Alex's answer:

For your first question: Using natural penis enlargement methods will not affect your efforts for loosing fat. Actually it will help. :) Most of the supplements used for muscle gain will help you in your penis growth mission.

For your second question: Depends on how hard you will hit yourself. It will not endanger your growth but stronger hits can affect your organs. Your genitals are a treasure to be protected :)

For your third question: This site is based on my own experience based on my membership at penilefitness.com. Their members area is bigger and they have pictures and movies to help you follow their course.

And finally, your last question: I use the pictures the guys from penilefitness.com kindly provided. In their members area you have three males models who pose for the exercises...


hey alex! im 15 yr old now,, and my penis is too short it's about 2 inch when it's not in it's form, it's eventually going more short sometimes.. what sholud i do? i want to make my penis grow big and strong, plss.. help me..

Alex's answer:

Hmm, speak to parents and your doctor first.

hey im 18 and well my best friends a girl and we were talkin about my dick... i have the girth pretty much down but i really want some length how do i get that up really fast?

Alex's answer:

You'll need to get on a program of manual enlargement exercises.  You'll find everything that you need to know on the Penile Fitness Online Male Enhancement Guide.

My penis is shrinking. What could be the causes?

Alex's answer:

I 've never heard of this before. Can you be more specific?

bro. kindly give me a photo instruction of this procedure and I want to try it, thnxxx

Alex's answer:

Well there is plenty of information here to make yourself bigger.  I'd also suggest checking out penile fitness.

i am 15 and when im hard im only 6in long! I am not satisfied with that at all. Plz email back with what you think i should do

Alex's answer:

Maybe you should take it easy since you are still in puberty.   Legally speaking everyone should be at least 18 year of age to be visiting our sites.

im 15. and im about 5.5 inches when i have an erection. but im a chronic masturbator, somtimes i do it 5 times a day. could that have an effect on my size? and if so, how do i fix it. and i want an honest answer, not a sugar coated answer.

Alex's answer:

Maybe you should take it easy since you are still in puberty.   Legally speaking everyone should be at least 18 year of age to be visiting our sites. Masturbation doesn't affect your penis size.  Almost every healthy person masturbates.

I'm 15 and if I do these exercises will my penis stop growing normally?

Alex's answer:

Maybe you should take it easy since you are still in puberty.   Legally speaking everyone should be at least 18 year of age to be visiting our sites.

Curious George
I was wondering... What makes these exercises different from that of say regular masturbation & or things such as Penis pumps?

Alex's answer:

The exercises described on this site or on the penile fitness course are designed for your penis health and to enlarge your penis by specific actions.

You don't masturbate to enlarge your penis :) and i surely don't advise the use of a penis pump. You can read more about this here.

Josh m
Ok..my penis is small i mean maybe only 3-4 inches...and It doesnt really reach my leg ..How do I know this is right for me and what can i do about the slapping the leg part since I ya know cant?

Alex's answer:

i would recommend the jelq exercise for you. You just need to find the best routine for you.

So does this method work without having to go to those sites and ordeR?

Alex's answer:

sure do. you can also try PenisExercise.com for more free exercise videos.

Alex, so if i just do the stuff that you layed out with the towel and pulling. i will get larger meat right? will it just increase the length or thickness as well? i need a monster

Alex's answer:

Follow the recommended workouts for best results and you will reach your goal.  For the best results you should start penile fitness course.

Mine is 14 inches. I can't wear gym shorts or stuff, is there any way to make it smaller?? Plz help!

Alex's answer:

well ask your lady what does she wants? :)

hey i took (dinabol) a few months back in jan me penis size is reduced 10-20 % . I am athelete. What can i do to gain back ?? Thanks Nick

Alex's answer:

first thing, I would go to a doctor, after that following a penis enlargement course for penis health and lengthening will be the best choice you can make.

Hi Alex, you said that penis stop growing about 25 - 30. Now im 26, can i still grow my penis with your all exercise. Hope its not too late, im right? Please reply. Thanks (oter i want to know what age does the penis stop growing? Alex's answer: Its hard to say, but about 25 to 30 is a safe bet.)

Alex's answer:

I was strictly reffering to the natural grow of the penis. You can use te natural penis enlargement exercises at any age. It's never to late. :)

ok but does this shit actually work, cause i dont wanna waste my time i dont know the exact measurement of my dick but i could use some growing, and how fast does this work

Alex's answer:

I think a realistic goal is about 1 full inch gain in penis size within your first dedicated year.  Keeping this in mind, anything more is a great bonus. And read what all the people here say... what do you think? Does this shit work? :)

johnny flange
thanks for the advice guys, i really appreciate the tips that you've come up with and i'll post my progress ;)

Alex's answer:

You're most welcome.

how can a man make his penis long. strong and fatty like a horse, because so people have small penis as compaire to young boy why

Alex's answer:

Just follow the program.

ok im 21 years old and when im not horney my penis is like 4 or 3 inches and when i am horney i get to 5 or 5.5 inches do i do this to get a 7 inch? or should i just keep waiting for ageing for it to become bigger? and i masterbate once a day does that make my penis grow im very earger to know and everyone at the showers at school makes fun of me of my soft size and i want to grow that bigger BIGGER help

Alex's answer:

masturbation does not affect your penis size. Your age it's perfect to start a penis enlargement course.

hi alex, i have the same prob of penis length and its thickness.but at the same time i have found a small ligament or say skin attached to the head which some time gives me pain while intercourse.is this a hinder to my growth.my size is 5.5inc when erect.plz help

Alex's answer:

No pain should occur while intercourse. It is better to consult a doctor. For your penis growth only penis exercises can help.

I don't know if this is the right forum for this but it takes me a long time to Cum. Even when I masterbate it take at least 30 minutes. Is something wrong with me?

Alex's answer:

Stop ejaculating for at least one week.  you should have no problems.  If you still need help, we highly advice taking the MSF pills.  they work wonders.

dude 75-100 slaps is alot what if i only do like 50 or something

Alex's answer:

Everything depends on how much would you like to gain. The numbers provided are based on the experience of people who tried the program.

I thought this was too good to be true... it's not. My girlfriend has complimented me on my penis since I started these exercises, true story.

Alex's answer:

good for you man! everyone should start penis exercises!

hay well am 17 and i am not happy about my dicks size i am about 4and a half 5 tops wat do i do i need help i am tried of beening small and a virgen

Alex's answer:

penile fitness is what you need if you are unhappy with your size.

Hey Alex, I'm 17 years old, and very concious about my physical appearance. Of course the size of my penis falls into that category. Right now I'm at about 7.5 inches, but I dont feel comfortable with that size. I feel that having a heathly sex life makes for a better relationship with your partner, and I'm really hoping to find something natural that works. Just curious, would a strong core help increase the blood flow to the penis?

Alex's answer:

of course a strong core will always help.  I eat a low calorie diet high in fruits and veggies and run 5 miles 4 times a week.

hi im 15 i masterbate once a day does that make a differance with getting the size and doing the exercises and i also want to know if i get a bigger penis with all this when i ejeulate do i ejeulate more sperm

Alex's answer:

try to limit your ejaculation to once a week for several months and see if you can tell a difference.

what was your results using this program before and after

Alex's answer:

I started from 5.5 inches long. Now I'm 7 inches thanks to PenileFitness.com.

ok im only 18 and id say my penis is around 6 to 6.5 inches when erect. What is the average size for my age? And will my penis still grow even if i dont do the excersizes, considering the fact that im still a teenager and my body still has a few years till its fully matured.

Alex's answer:

your penis can grow bigger. A complete penis enhancement program will strenghten your erection and help your penis growth.

I am a bit skeptical I must say. You keep telling other people to check out the provided links when all the information is alreay up there. Is there more to this process than has already been stated?

Alex's answer:

the provided links give more info, like movies and pictures. There is always more to learn and read :)

hi im 15 and my P. size is like 2 inches which is really small . will this exercise help me increase the legnth and width in a short period of time im talkin like less then a year. and when i erect its like 4-5.5 inches. email me back plz and tell me some helpful ideas Thankyou. and should i do this excercise at this age, cause i havnt seen the growth of my penis for a long time now

Alex's answer:

In your situation I would try to get your penis big as soon as possible.  My personal recomendation is penile fitness for the best program.

ok my penis plent long but i want it to be thicker how do i do that..

Alex's answer:

Jelqing exercises, erection strengthening exercises, and lots of pc blasters are going to build your erection power and thickness over the long term.  Keep it up.

Does this technique have any kind of side effects,or danger to the penis what so ever, or any other affect?

Alex's answer:

No, as long as you listen to your body and don't overdo it.  I've been exercising for 10 years and i keep getting gains.  Its amazing.

How long do the effects of this exercise last? Is it somthing you have to maintain just like all stretches or is this a permanent stretch. And once you have reached your desired length, how much less should you do to maintain.

Alex's answer:

Its something that once you do for an extended period of time, you will keep the majority of your gains and will need to only do the exercises a few times per week, and maintain a healthy erection each do to keep your size. 

i have around 5 inches. i need extra an inch and half. i have stared execising like stretching and jelquing and doing for 15 min. is it enough. i am 21 year old. does age comes into the context.

Alex's answer:

age has no effect on gains, but at your age you should gain well doing what you reported on a consistant basis.  Keep it up and please keep us posted.

hi just woundering,im not trying to be a perve or anything ,but wat happens if u um,well fell like ur gonna "explode"and is it a bad thing to do this exercise after ejaculation?i dont have a gf yet but i belive that my penis is small for my age,im 17,with a moderate weight and height

Alex's answer:

No, you can do the xercises before or after ejaculation.  But, practicing control and doing regular ejaculation prevention for a week or more at a time teaches will power and control.

i want to know what age does the penis stop growing?

Alex's answer:

Its hard to say, but about 25 to 30 is a safe bet.

OK im 6"00 ft tall im 18 n my dick is 6 inches but i want it bigger should i do these excercises

Alex's answer:

YES, why not?  here's a free program, erectionstrengthening.com.

How do u cement the gains, and how long would it take to add a inch??? Also what exercise do i do to add girth????

Alex's answer:

www.penisexercise.com is a gret free program with some good routines to follow.  Generally speaking, a solid inch of non-reversable gains could be seen within your first year of dedicated exercising.

I'm 15. I'm built and I'm 6 foot. I look 25 years old. My penis is not At a reasonable size. Ex gfs make dun of me. Should I do any of these exercises? My penis has been the same size for 2 years now.

Alex's answer:

Yes, you can enhance your penis size to compliment your muscles.  Just go to www.penisexercise.com and get started.

so my penis is about 12 inches long although thats pretty big my girlfriend feels she would like a little more......how can i make my monster meat stick even BIGGER!!

Alex's answer:

Insanity!  www.penisexercise.com will help everyone just the same, regardless of size or age.

please send me the quick way to enlargment of penis i am now 25 years old

Alex's answer:

There is noquick way, it takes persistance and dedication.  I'd start at www.penisexercise.com or www.penilefitness.com.

Ok, so yeah. I wan't a bigger penis. But, I wan't to know, like. I'm 18, my flacid is LESS than average, would it be a good time to start at the age of 18? or should I wait, and if I should start now, should there be ANY side effects, and what would a good decent 3-6 months of exercising gain? My doc doesn't seem to believe that it works, although he is older and is stuck with the "traditional" works(you're born with it, get used to it). Although I've done 6 months of research and I think he is wrong. Could you shed some light?

Alex's answer:

There's not too much else to explain.  You should just get started.  at your age your penis is probably done growing but you could experience growth until age 25.  You could start doing exercises anytime.  It will take dedication but that is with anything worth doing.  Check out penis exercise for a good place to begin.

thank you im gona try this and hopfly it work

Alex's answer:

Yes, please try the exercises, they work wonderfully.  For a reall great program on the full routines, check out www.PenileFitness.com and www.PenisExercise.com.

Haha, this is cool, we got the same name..anyways, this sounds pretty good, I'm probably going to try it out. If I find anything wrong with it, I'll let ya know.

Alex's answer:

Yes, please do!  All feedback helps us make this penis enlargement program that much better.  Good luck!

kindly advise me about food which will be healthy for penis thanks

Alex's answer:



You can order these supplements using the link above.  they work very well.

mister x
what's the program you recommend me? i was a members of penishealth.com and not very satisified. any suggestions?

Alex's answer:

We highly advise starting out with the free report here.  Then what we usually recommend is doing the exercises then taking MSF pills to help maximize your penis enlargement gains.  This combo works wonders and I use myself.

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